Style your iPhone with a case from Rue21 that shows your personality

Style your iPhone with a case from Rue21 that shows your personality.



Go for the epitome of glamorous, and look at sparkle iPhone cases at Rue21.

Stay on trend and opt for a  Rose Gold Glitter Phone Case for iPhone 6 Plus/7 Plus. Very light case with glitter all over to show off your style and keep your iPhone protected.

Go for something different and opt for Hustle Liquid Glitter Phone Case for iPhone 6 Plus/7 Plus. The standout is the “Hustle” in rose gold metallic and watery glitter.

Or get continue the glam effect, keep your iPhone shinning and get Chunky Silver Glitter Case for iPhone 6/6s/7.This is the blingest case for some serious attention.


It’s about being flashy and over the top.. rhinestones and leopard print together. Head to Rue21 and diva themed  iPhone cases.

Get ready to turn heads with Don’t Care Glitter Case for Iphone 6 Plus/ 7. Shiny glitter look adds a pearl-like look. The  image of girl with Louboutin pumps adds a  high end feel.

Show you true personality and get Shh Nobody Cares Case for iPhone 6/6s/7. This case keeps  your iPhone in style and protects it from damage. Standout of this case is  the image of the girl with a long beach sun hat, strapless dress and choker.

Go for the diva in you, keep your iPhone fashionable and opt for Diva Reflective Case for iPhone 6/6s/7. A very stylish case featuring a girl with a leopard clutch and round sunnies.

The girly case

For you it’s about glam and standing out from the crowd, and everything needs to be pink. Visit Rue21 and checkout girly iPhone cases.

Go for a fun gold glitter case with pink details on cactus and opt for Cactus Glitter Case for iPhone 6/6s. This case is  flexible and keeps your iPhone protected and shining.

Follow your dreams, get a case that inspires you and opt  for Fuchsia Glitter Dreamcatcher Case for iPhone 7. A fun case with a  dreamcatcher print and white and shiny glitter in fuchsia.

Match everything even case

Matching is your thing, you are a mix of retro and modern . Stop at Rue and go for a matching iPhone case.

Keep your iPhone styling and go for a light Watercolor Mandela Case for iPhone 6/7 from Rue21.This case provides great protection and keeps your iPhone scratch-free. Match with Watercolor Floral Strappy Shoulder Tank Top from Rue21z

Get hypnotized and into the blue with Blue Agate Phone Case for iPhone 6 Plus/7 Plus. Made from quality materials, fits perfect on your iPhone and keep it  protected. Pairs flawlessly  with a boho floral dress.

Go retro, get a high end looking diamond print case opt for a Retro-Diamond Clear Phone Case for iPhone 6/7 Plus. This will go perfectly with your boho maxi skirt.

Inspirational artist

Fulfill your need for inspiration and get further. Stop at Rue21 and look for inspirational iPhone cases.

Keep going and don’t let anything stop you and opt for a Brave & Strong Glitter Case for iPhone 6/6s/7. Made from quality plastic keep your phone protected and in style. Premium design shows every detail flawlessly.

Feel chic and beautiful and opt for Stay Beautiful Case for IPhone 6/6s/7. Lightweight case provides your iPhone with great  protection and keeps it looking beautiful.

Flowery case

Floral print are your favorite and you have collection of outfits with  this theme. Visit Rue21 and browse for flowery cases.

Show your love for flowers and get Wildflower Skull Case for iPhone 6. This case protects your iPhone from  being damaged.

Go for beautiful floral pattern and opt for Vibe Tribe Case for iPhone 6/7. Stylish case prevents your iPhones from getting scratches.

Dress your iPhone in a case from  Rue21 that goes with your personality.